Self-Care Sundays: Laughter as a Lifestyle

Self-care is important to me because I believe how we take care of and treat overselves on a daily basis impacts our sense of feeling alive and relationship to life itself, how we relate and communicate with others and our ability to create. In addition to eating a healthy diet (within cultural context), regular exercise and getting a good nights rest, another wonderful way to take care of yourself is to include more laughter in your life! Last week during Vaishali’s class we talked about the concept of peace and I asked the girls what do they do to find peace when they are angry, upset or feeling off. Some girls said:

“I look in the mirror and tell myself I am beautiful”

” I write in a journal”

” I try to forgive the person who has hurt me”

” I listen to music”

” I try to find things that make me laugh”

“Always laugh when you can, it is cheap medicine.” — George Gordon Byron

12 Ways to Laugh More Everyday 

Go to a live comedy club or festival (I want to go to both of these)

Smile more

Be imperfect

Know what kind of humor makes you laugh

Look for laughter

Change your environment to be laughter-friendly

Make a humor playlist on Youtube

Laugh at yourself

Tune in to comedy during your commute using Pandora Internet Radio

Spend time with funny people

Read funny books!

 Participate in a laughing meditation or laughing yoga class

Let go of things in the past and out of your control

Host a humor-based (dinner) party

Watch comedy on line or a funny movie with friends or family

On social media a lot? Intentionally follow feeds that will make you laugh

Create something that reminds you to laugh


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